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A lesson in poetry and couture with Rabih Kayrouz

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A meeting with rabih kayrouz,in his atelier & studio in paristhe couturier who splits his life betweenbeirut and paristells us about his latest couture collectionwith wisdom and passioninterview with rabih kayrouzi'm looking for work when i start a cut, an object, a garment. what matters to me at first are the everyday clothes.i want it to be comfortable, i want it to be wearable.because they're wearable, they become desirable.in these pieces, i wanted to use pieces from my ideal wardrobe, the essentials, with a coat, a trench coat, a dress, another dress, a pair of trousers.i wanted to take these pieces and magnify them with a haute-couture savoir-faire.haute couture is not a lifestyle, it's not just dresses you dream about.it's clothes that you want to wear, that are made with a specific technique, with a different emotion.and i wanted to take back these everyday elements and bring them this emotion and this knowledge in haute couture.i tried to work on volumes sometimes, sometimes on materials of the dress.i took some of the fabrics that i frayed by hand, that we have redefined the structure of the dress with.then i took embroidery, souvenir embroidery, because i didn't want just the ornament, i wanted it to become a real history, stucture, something you want to have.it's not just about looking good. it's again about that emotion.sometimes when i'm walking, i pick things up, whether it's at the beach or in a forest, or even a city.i pick up things that move me, on the ground or in trees.i have taken these elements and kept them, that i moulded, that i had made out of metal and which became embroidery, enhanced with pearls or rhinestones.but it's just a question of light. it's not about decor, that's what i'm always looking for, so i do the details, but these are useful details and useful for walking, useful for wrapping yourself up in, useful for living in.these are clothes to live in. music issued from the fashion shows (only to be used in the context of these fashion shows, covered under the right to information)