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Louis Vuitton : Spring/Summer 2020 Menswear Fashion Show in Paris (with interviews)

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Artistic director: virgil ablohinspiration: place dauphine, a typical parisian spot with its cafes, restaurants and crepe stands, steps away from the louis vuitton studios. everything was privatized by the famous malletier, even the green public benches were branded lv, but redone in xxl, to remind us of childhood, emphasised with an inflatable castle and the distribution of bottles of bubbles, balloons and kites. presence of a live orchestra, the "heritage orchestra" conducted by chris wheelercollection: flowers are at the heart of the collection, as elements of nature and freedom, creating peace and relaxation.wearing straw hats, the men wander about the square, with the bouquets coming out of bags, or as prints or embroidering on the clothes.the parkas are made in pastel colours and have multiple ties, cut-outs and straps.the suit has a whole new look, it can be deconstructed to create another silhouette. the blazer is short, the trousers oversized.a lightweight feel and transparency are paired with tulle and lace, or organza.the attitude is young, relaxed and highly fashionable, all at once.note: all of the bags with floral designs, real flowers are woven into the “keepall”. xxl styles are perfect for a weekend in the countryside.featuring interview with ben harper, j.balvin, swae lee, liya kebede.ben harper: it’s one of the greatest fashion houses in all of the worldj.balvin:i love it, he’s killing it, i want everything. i think he’s a living legend and he inspires people.it's beautiful. i love this place; it makes us go into the spirit of it all. it was great.sawae lee:the show was amazing, virgil pushing fashion forward. he is good at that - he never fails. this collection is going to be off the racks really fast, i have seen a lot of things that i want in my closet, sawae lee will be in 2030 with fashion…liya kebede i love it because he is childlike but an adult at the same time so he makes us dream. i love his smile and i think he has good energy… i love his story and his journey. he is inspiring.music from the fashion show (for use only in the context of the show, under the cover of the right to information)