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The concept store Nous Paris takes on beauty

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When the concept store nous paris on rue cambon in paris opened by five former colette employees developed their own beauty corner; it translated to high quality products with all natural origins that only correspond with well-being.they mainly sell mixed products as well as a masculine range and niche perfumes. a plus: the development of their own products based on hemp and only made in france.interview with marvin dein:the choice of quality brands was important for us, so we began with the objective of being organic, organic and environmentally friendly with natural products. our choice of brands are mainly french brands since we are in france, also, as the majority of our clients are foreign, when we visit another country we aim to buy something that originates from that country, and as it happens, france is one of the best countries in terms of cosmetics.the goal of this beauty corner was to bring together well-being and the whole consumer experience in the same space.cbd is a molecule pertaining from cannabis. everyone knows thc, the molecule that makes you daydream, but many people don’t know the other molecule called cbd which is calming. it’s not a cure, it’s not a medicine, it doesn’t have any therapeutic properties, it just has well-being properties, so we use it as a dietary complement and as a base of well-being in beauty products.