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Are cycling shorts this summer's number one trend?: Spring/Summer 2019 Trend

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Attention! cycling shorts land in full force. will they take first place on the podium of ‘it’ pieces this summer? these short, skin-tight trousers are no longer only reserved for cycling enthusiasts!a wave of media attention thanks to the presence of sportswear on podiums and on the street. (but also to kim kardashian, a true supporter of the skin-tight short, emphasizing her body shape!)so, how have designers reinterpreted them? and how do you wear them?fendi proposes a quite literal version (of wearing them), in subtle tones, decorated with the letter ‘f’ and worn with a waist-length jacket or a short-sleeved shirt highlighting a faultless and sculptured body.chanel also modeled them, combined with their iconic tweed jacket in black to sharpen a completely monochrome silhouette.roberto cavalli made them the leading piece in his summer collection. a new alternative to the suit trouser, he pairs them with a jacket or a top, hiding the hips. he covers them in patterns and plays with contrasts and sophisticated embroideries.mugler presents theirs in latex, completely covered in motifs for a bolder look.the last proposition is by prada. the italian designer creates a hybrid between bermudas and cycling shorts. they become super sophisticated presented in satin, fitted at the waist for a trendy look paired with high socks and high heels.so, skin-tight, patterned, covered in embroideries, and presented in various textures, would you dare to wear them?