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Laquan Smith : Women's & Men's Autumn/Winter 2019/2020 Show in New York (with interview)

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Designer: laquan smithinspiration: the new york designer is riding high. we see his success when he arrives at the show greeted by a street filled with fans attempting to enter the catwalk and once again, when carine roitfeld takes a seat on the front row. with every look, the crowd shouts, dances and applauds. a true show created by the emulation of the public.collection: men and women appear to have just come out of a music video. exacerbated sensuality, transparent bodysuits to leopard printed leotards. short dresses emphasise model’s chests with velvet and sequined balloon shoulders. men seem sensible in their corduroy trousers worn with loose jumpers.note: the trio of women in midi skirts + red striped puffa jackets.interview with laquan smith:i think that’s sort of the women that like i identify with, as someone who’s like really confident, and just really understands who she is as a women, and just completely unapologetically glamorous and sexy and i’m ok with that, you know. i that that it’s just absolutely ok to like dress super fab at 2pm in the day, you know what i mean. i think that the us market has sort of like, i don’t know, it’s phased out. women used to dress up all the time, especially in paris back in the day but now, sportswear and streetwear has sort of taken over in the market, but i want to be sort of the designer that you go to get your sexy back.the textures were important for me this season, i mean working with a lot of like novelty fabrics that i think really represent like a scale of timeline, think about it like corduroy, leopard, wool, you know just, just so many different textures and textiles across the board that i kind of have like this nostalgic feeling about. i wanted to just bring back in such a modernised way and just make it fresh and speak my truth. i’m a new york native and this is what new york fashion week should look and feel like. music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information).