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Precious Room, a different way to sell designer jewellery

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A historical location in paris throughout the week of haute couture and a new way to present innovative fine jewellery brands, allowing the creation of human networking beyond their digital presence as the founder of this new project, muriel piaser explains.interview with muriel piaser:precious room is precious. it’s about feeling an elevated emotion in the moment when you’re here. what matters the most for me is adding a more personal input into the digital world of today and becoming a link for people in the fashion industry. today, the idea is to open up networking as much as possible in order to create new opportunities. nowadays, even if digital is open to the world it shuts out designers especially from a commercial development point of view, as the issue of digital marketing is about selling, and today, having a salon allows people to meet others in order to network, make new contacts and increase their sales. the idea is to display items through a meeting that is finalised with a purchase or an order, and this is still what people want today. all the designers that i chose have extremely strong values, whether that’s through an ethical approach or a craftsmanship approach with artisans in india or the decision to use real diamond merchants from belgium, so value and quality are very important.