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Fashion Phenomenon: The weight of words!

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Fashion is often the reflection of societal evolution carrying a message…for a few seasons, a strong fashion trend has emerged that feeds off words, placing them on clothes highlighting ideas and a belonging, with the desire to bring a purpose back into a world which is moving too fast.the british designer vivienne westwood was one of the first to encourage this trend with her movement “no future” using fashion as a means of communication to convey a message. she continues this today with new political and environmental arguments.in france, sonia rykiel, enthusiastic about literature, uses her clothing as a blank page! for chanel’s spring/summer 2015 collection, karl lagerfeld decided to transform the catwalk into a very media-friendly demonstration. at dior, the designer maria grazia chiuri, has been claiming women’s rights since her first collection. the phrase « we should all be feminist » was written on t-shirts becoming the latest must have! in new york, the « me too » movement inspired many catwalks. more recently, the use of letters, surnames, names, and graphic symbols like celine’s accent, removed by their new artistic director hedi slimane have had a strong and symbolic impact.another trend, the word “maison” (reassuring and comforting) placed before the name of the brand, guarantees quality, know-how and history… the use of an old first name gives confidence to younger brands (air brigitte, henriette, françois…)das mot use words as a source of inspiration, the young brand created by a journalist profess their love for literature, music and cinema loud and clear… nicolas ouchenir’s work as a calligrapher, places the nature of words and letters at the heart of the fashion industry’s attention.social media has also developed another form of communication based on words and hashtags.an influential person in the fashion industry is loïc prigent, a director and journalist capturing special conversations backstage which he uses as his playground!a fashion alphabet, in constant evolution, reflects the changes in society. from “rykielissisme” and her poetic slogans, to virgil abloh’s new fashion vocabulary, what words will become ultra-fashionable in a world submerged by images?copright free music - bandit & nikit - 2018