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Carlos Place, Matches Fashion’s new location to experience fashion in London explained by its CEO, Ulrich Jerome

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Matches fashion, an online platform selling luxury products has seen a sharp growth estimated at more than 44% in 2017, and still has many ideas to continue its development. now, in addition to editing a magazine, the london based company has brought out exclusive home wear products, becoming an incubator for emerging designers, whilst creating a relationship with the client, because according to the managing director, ulrich jerome, experience is above all the most important factor.(interview)the experience can also be transported to a 5 story house called 5 carlos place in mayfair, london.(interview)interview with ulrich jerome:today, the consumer wants to have an experience in everything they do, they really crave experience. each time they go online they want to discover something new, and this is extremely important, they are very curious and so we do our best to cater for our customer’s needs. we have a very particular selection and we pay a lot of attention to the designers we work with. there is a whole content section on the website where you can explore stories from the brands, and this is really what the client wants today. our customers trust us enough to follow us, and today, this is a part of our everyday job. the company is more than 30 years old, it started with shops, so has always understood the importance of physique, the importance to have this personal relationship with the client. it is an experience where people can share a masterclass with a michelin star chef. you also have mario sorrenti who is going to do a book signing with kate moss etc… so, when we do an event, we broadcast it live, and we also do podcasts as they are becoming more and more popular. if you put experience on an extraordinary level with a place, you are capable of creating a very important community.the luxury market is extraordinary because it is worth more than 260 billion euros. however, few of them are active on the internet. the part of online luxury is only at 9/10%, whereas other industries are already at 20/25 or 50%, so therefore luxury is really taking it’s time to enter the digital world. so, i believe that today we have an extraordinary opportunity ahead of us and i think that we are still at the start of the adventure.