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Maison Rabih Kayrouz - show ready-to-wear spring/summer 2019 in Paris (with interviews)

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Designer: rabih kayrouzcollection: the collection is called yallah, which in lebanese means “let’s go” celebrates audacity, freedom and diversity! a bridge between the east and the west. a festive and joyful atmosphere is created by a group of live musicians and colours that pop and that clash. the designer describes his collection as a mixture of ready-to-wear and couture. with a notable clash between raw and rigid materials and others that are very fluid, for the evening, but with successions of stripes and panels…playing with drapes, winkled fabric on the front of a top, straps crossed at the back, also different suppositions work on trousers, dresses and coats. focus on: buttercup yellow trousers with drawstring waists and a frilly electric blue top, some combinations in brocade and flower motifs. diamond cut work on a perforated vest, sleeved held on with a buttoned tab. but also the simplicity of a long striped shirt dress.to note: coloured loafers.with interviews of rabih kayrouz and chrystèle saint louis augustin.rabih kayrouz : i always start with colours, if i want to have “no limits”. i called the collection “yallah!, yallah means “let’s go” in lebanese , without being scared of anything, without constraints, and i wanted to make this collection at the limit of ready-to-wear and couture, with a mix of eastern and western clothes.for me the most important thing is clothes, without limits, with this work on the other. the other being another ethnicity, another person… without it always being something sad. when you go somewhere, how can you take on their traditions, the djellabas with their blazers, night dresses mixed with shirts, all the combinations from real woman and real wardrobes. chrystèle saint louis augustin : it’s the first time that i’ve worked with the kayrouz house, he designs and dresses, a sun kissed woman, the woman who travels to other cultures and who doesn’t have borders. music from the show (only for use in context in this report, under cover of the right to information)