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Delvaux, the inventor of the handbag, enters a new era.

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Founded in 1892, in brussels, delvaux is the oldest luxury leather goods company in the world, created before the kingdom of belgium and which hasn’t stopped creating since. a family house which has belonged to three generations and whose principle shareholder since 2011 is the fung family. today delvaux is entering a new era, finally assuring sustainability and extending its worldwide influence of made in belgium savoir-faire! interview of christina zeller: lots of luxury houses are italian or french, so being belgian is already quite distinctive. i think that it’s a house that combines both classicism and timelessness, and everything that is fantasy and belgian self-derision. the delvaux modernity is innovation, the modernity of delvaux isn’t about being fashionable because that’s not what we’re after, because when we’re not trying to be fashionable, we’re never un-fashionable. what’s interesting is that at delvaux we might be the best in exotic leather and each year, we release a set of limited-edition vinyl bags but they’re vinyl bags which reference technology that we look for in the car industry, the sports industry, the more technical side, we make injections, we do thermoforming, it might even serve as a laboratory for leather products. this collection was really inspired by the golden age of hollywood, the glamour of the actresses, the reference to the seventh art and then this year we wanted to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the ‘brillant’ model which was designed in 1958 for the brussels world fair and we made a bag with an exceptional clasp, which took almost a year and a half to develop, and there’s a nostalgic aspect to the perfect small snap when you close the bag and often with everything that we make, there’s always a very emotional dimension to it. music royalty free bandit & nikit - 2018