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Styling questions with Giovanna Battaglia Engelbert, renowned stylist & streestyle queen

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Giovanna battaglia englebert, internationally renowned italian stylist, based in new york, having collaborated with some of the biggest magazines from w to vogue japan, has quickly been noted by the fashion sphere for her researched looks and her ultra-communicative good mood. answering styling questions at colette in paris to mark the release of her book gio-graphy. 'gio-graphy' : fun in the wild world of fashion', editions rizzoli.questions: fashion & fun, fashion & colors, fashion & style, fashion & instagraminterview with giovanna battaglia englebert:fashion & funit comes naturally, it’s like reading and working and working hard and also you try to have fun anytime you can, any moment you can. fashion & colorscolours are never enough so i invented let’s say, new colours. my favourite colour is rainbow or my favourite colour is animalia or my favourite colour is flowers. again, anything with pattern of that brings vibrancy to the pictures, i love. fashion & styleit’s self-expression. again, i’m a visual person so i express myself with pictures or also with what i’m wearing, and i’m a girl so i’m a ‘fashion passionista’. i eat fashion for breakfast. i’ve been working for twenty years in fashion but then at one point my looks were more famous than my work because of the internet. it’s certainly a phenomenon that’s also flattering. fashion & instagrami always wanted to share beauty and so before you could only do that with a magazine, the pages of a magazine but now you can do it online and it’s more democratic let’s say, in a way. i use it to share anything i see because i’ve done that since i was little you know, “look at this, look at that”. but beauty has much more value if you can share it with people. music royalty free: bandit & nikit 2017