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Louis Vuitton - Women's ready to wear show Spring/Summer 2018 in Paris (with interview)

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Creative director : nicolas ghesquière atmosphere: for the second time, louis vuitton leads us to the musée du louvre, but this time to the pavillion de l’horloge where the remains of the first louvre (that date back to 1190) still stand, surrounded for the occasion by an aisle of white lights to make way for the models. the blend of history and future, past and modern is the central theme of this new collection. collection: from the first outfits, the designer drops us into an anachronism which works: eighteenth century silk-brocade redingotes are worn with silk sports shorts in black, blue, pink or white with huge futuristic trainers on the feet. we find jackets that resemble armour fastened with ribbons at the back, added to the long dresses or worn over muslin blouses. vinyl leather trousers which are zipped at the base make way for ‘elastic’ striped dresses. even the cocktail dresses, a mixture of white silk, silver fishnet and sequins appear borrowed from the outfits of marie-antoinette. in fact they’re closer perhaps to those reinvented by sofia coppola or today by nicholas ghesquière than those from the history books. to note: the giant trainers with the discrete lv label + liya kebede on the catwalk in a futuristic white dress with her backpack + the t-shirt referencing the tv series ‘stranger things’.interview of mario testino:i loved this show, i thought it fit right, it was well thought out, so poetic. and also something very important is that it’s current. i feel a today’s woman would wear all of that. there are times you go to a show and you say to yourself “who’s going to go out like that?” and there, i saw everything girls would be able to wear out and to be completely well dressed. chic and easy. it’s incredible! i’ve never come here. we’re always discovering something. because last time, we were on the stairs which was quite sublime but i love the starkness of this place, with the lights, it’s very beautiful. music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information).