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Trussardi - Spring/Summer Show 2018 in Milan (with interview)

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Designer : gaia trussardicollection: the idea of air travel as the central theme. loose volumes, the silhouette is fluid, taking volume, panels travelling across the clothes, abstract designs of airplanes or bucolic landscapes push this longing for the horizon and faraway lands, just like the pantsuits, a new uniform for this adventure. deep, low cut necklines for long evanescent dresses. a high coloured palette. touches of leather, or a full leather look, treated with finesse and lightness. to note: a mixed men’s women’s show, the new ‘gita’ bag, reinterpretation of an old model from the trussardi archives, and the motif of an airplane drawn on the back of a jacket. gaia trussardi : the collection is inspired by flight, flying as a metaphor for getting inspired, for floating and lightness but also hardness of the aeroplane of the machine itself. you can find that in the collection because as you saw there are lots of voluminous clothes and skirts that float. then the hardness of the leather which is deconstructed in panels all over skirts and dresses, it draws from the shape of the aeroplane which is constructed with panels of metal. the collection is young, it tried to embrace young people and to give this stronger image of italian lifestyle available for a multicultural reality and the ageless reality of today’s society. music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under cover of the right to information).