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Maison Rabih Kayrouz Fashion Show - Haute Couture Autumn/Winter 2017/18 (with interview)

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Designer: rabih kayrouzatmosphere: at his atelier, rabih kayrouz presents what he calls 'instant couture', creating specific moments of emotion. this time, the singer christophe is accompanied by dancers in order to introduce the new collection.collection: light and full of movement. the dresses spin about, the coats are enveloping in their deep, warm colours. transparency plays with traditional codes.to note: the choice of presenting the clothes through use of dancers, displaying the grace of the girl in her dress, the cut-out details, the art of couture which disappears at the advantage of the clothing.interview rabih kayrouz: i tried to make particular moments because, for me, a show isn’t just for displaying the clothes. in order to display the clothes, we can look at photos of them, we can go to try them on in a shop. a fashion show is to show the emotion with which i’ve made the clothes. each time, i want the shows to be like suspended moments, like a gest, really like a big moment of emotion, and each time, i try to display something that moves me. and christophe’s work really moves me. he expresses himself with all his heart and for me, people who express themselves through their emotions touch me enormously. i want to work with, or collaborate with people like that.the gest, the game of the movement is what i like. i like women who know how to have fun, who dance, who amuse themselves, and i want the clothing to just be an accessory for her and nothing else. the clothing doesn’t make her, she makes the clothing, clothes that move with her, follow her, and nothing more than that.music of the show (only to be used in the context of the show, under the protection of the right to information)