Y/Project Fashion Show - Menswear Spring/Summer Collection 2018 (with interview)

Designer: Glenn MartensAtmosphere: A former electricity Distribution Company, a large metal building in the centre of Paris, open to the elements.Collection: An urban attitude with a touch of the adventurer, seen through natural colours such as ivory, beige and salmon.Linen is very present, becoming ample and ruched. As for suede, it is worked into khaki bomber jackets. The silk shirts are knotted in a bow, and jeans are worn high on the waist.Focus on: The double-collars, double-jackets, and the double-closings seen on the trousers. The designer reinvents clothing by playing with layers and visual effects.To note: The jogging vibe interpreted differently in light toile, with sleeves that bunch around the collar and the waist.Interview Glenn Martens :A collection which experiments a lot with the cuts and construction. We wanted slightly suppler tones, so that we could work with them a little easier, and be able to better see the details.We didn’t say that we wanted to only do tailoring, this came about really naturally… we wanted to do maybe, something a little more sophisticated given the fact that for a long time, I was very focused on sportswear. But above all, the tailoring came from the fact that we had experimented a lot with ruffles for a long time, so we can find them from left to right. We have found a lot of different ways of beginning to mix different construction techniques, and in the end, we have a slightly more mature collection.There’s also a lot of linen because linen is a more ecological material, and I think that it’s also really cool to work with. I love linen, and what’s more is that it’s Belgian, the Belgian linen, and Belgium is one of the top countries for the production of linen.I was experimenting with doubles garments for an extremely long time, so you can see the double-waistband, the double-legs, the triple cuffs of the collar, and all the things like that. Therefore, we told ourselves to go further, to double the piece in total. It’s true that for each piece, I think there are seven different ways of wearing them. But even I haven’t quite discovered them all. Music of the show (only to be used in the context of the show, protected by the right to information)

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