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Salvatore Ferragamo Fashion Show - Menswear Spring/Summer Collection 2018 with Interview

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Designer: guillaume meillandinspiration: the french and italian riviera, and the film ‘plein soleil’.collection: the second collection for the french designeran elegant and laid-back wardrobe, with silhouettes comprising rolled-up sleeves, large trousers with dramatic turn-ups, and natural, supple fabrics.nothing is hampered; every element appears light and soft, whether it be coats, or towel shorts.focus on: the seahorses printed, or embroidered, on blouses. also, the leather, or perforated suede, shirts which conform to this idea of lightness, as well as the nylon trench-coats, or jackets without lining.design revolves around fine mesh, or the more imposing twisted mariner sweaters.to note: large ribbed velvet short pants and shorts, and footwear with crepe soles.guillaume meilland: i wanted to make something very italian, and so i thought of the riviera. that was perfect for me because there’s the french riviera, the italian riviera, which are places easy to visualise. so, i played with these references, and i had in my mind the film, ‘plein soeil’ for the attitude of these two characters whom i find extremely inspiring, and for ferragamo, i think that it’s a good match. therefore, the idea is to have something laid-back, completely free of constraint, and to have a silhouette made from contrasting materials, of supple and fluid fabrics, and perhaps some other more rustic elements, with english fabrics, with very heavy linen, in which we made pieces of sportswear, or even trousers.we worked with leather reduced to the extreme, laminated with jersey to give it a much more summery attitude, everything is without lining. we have hand-knitted pieces inspired by the fisherman sweater, and beside that we have extremely fine knitted pieces in linen and silk, in alpaca and beautifully bright silk with slightly embossed dots.we have velvet upholstery almost to play a little bit with references to towels and bath robes. from this, we came to add the corduroy velvet dyed or washed, which is very, very supple, so we have silhouettes like that, contrasted.music of the show (only to be used in the context of the show, protected by the right to information)