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Play Lounge, the Chinese Colette ?

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A new generation of concept store born in china, baptized play lounge, blending in vogue designers, high tech objects and even an art gallery. at the head, mrs wang, both a writer and tv journalist and today, the founder of play lounge. its target: the young, very connected chinese generation, who seeks originality as much as rarity and quality.mrs wang said that she really admired european concepts and cited merci or collette in france as an example. thus in her stores she puts forward young, very creative chinese labels and some foreign designers, and also had the idea to expose pieces of work made by the china central academy of fine arts. three concept stores already exist in china, 2 in beijing and 1 in shenyang city, and the founder is not ready to stop just yet. interview withning wang :i wanted to design my stores like a house. so there’s a room in which i exhibit products from foreign brands. they aren’t for sale. i’m testing if the customers like them and want to order them. in the changing rooms, there is a big bed because i want to reproduce the scene where girls change every day in their bedroom. as the foreign press speaks about the chinese economy a lot, the chinese currency exchange rate increases little by little every year and that changes the consumerist behavior. before, they bought well-known brands such as zara and h&m. but today the consumers, who have it a bit harder, prefer to buy products which possess creative elements, and so that’s the case with our products, because we wanted to respond to this need. music issued from the report ( no to use in the context of the report, under the cover of rights of information )