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Five young designers excite Russia Fashion Week

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This 34th edition of the mercedes benz fashion week in russia has been marked by young designers looking to stand out with their energy and creativity. five favorite labels to follow directly from moscow.starting with mach & mach. the two young sisters aged 22 at the head of this label placed feminism at the heart of their last collection. between sequins, glitter and vibrant colours, the duo chose to add patches and slogans in favor of girl power. and glitter rightly seems to attract a big number of designers, like beso turazashvili especially. this 26 year old young designer, and filmmaker originally from georgia, develops his own label in moscow called portnoy beso. the women appear sensual in their dresses with cuts and drapery which makes you want to look beautiful to go dancing.at lumier garson, the young founder of the label, jean duroff, who started his career as a blogger, likes the set and the original themes. its new collection evokes the post-apocalyptic world. the hooded models walk in reworked utilitarian clothes. certainly conceptual but very well made for this label born barely 2 years ago.the rebellious vibe is also at ketlone. the amazonian women imagined by the designer keti topuria dares with the jumper which frays, the body or the oversized parka. a desire to propose a new fashion mixing the genres and the clothing codes finally at bella potemkina, the woman dares almost everything. feminine, mischievous, original, she wears thigh high boots with its coloured fur made from ecological fibers. the designer is known for her very sought after and handmade creations made in her studio in moscow.music from the show (only to be used in the context of the show, protected by the right to information.)