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Spotlight on the 5th edition of Tel Aviv Fashion Week

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It does not yet have the scale of paris, new york, milan or london fashion weeks, however tel aviv imposes itself with the help of the office of tourism and culture, as an international event, in inviting more than one hundred journalists coming from all around the world for its 5th edition. three days, with around twenty fashion shows presented in the all new mall, installed in the district dedicated to fashion, with an affirmed ambition : to promote the israeli fashion industry and its designers. neither bar refaeli on the catwalk (the countries’ most beautiful ambassador), nor alber elbaz, often referred to, graduated from the prestigious engineering and design school in tel aviv, the shenkar college, but from labels which are known internationally for some and especially the emergence of new designers…a fashion under construction, full of promise and energy, in the image of tel aviv. and to open this event, gottex, who celebrated its 60 years of creation, specialized in making swimsuits and lingerie. the label showed its former models for the occasion.outside the already established labels, a new generation of designers made their mark. this is the case with especially holyland, with a strong emphasis around religion and the changes in society. a streetwear fashion which incorporates the local references.sabina musayev, founded in 2011, by a couple, combines tradition and modernity, through easy to wear fashion. ariel toledano, made its debut at balmain, beside olivier rousteing and helped design dresses for kim kardashian, rihanna or jennifer lopez… the influence of the french house is palpable on the catwalk. a first participation in tel aviv fashion week noticed, with a sexy and brilliant fashion…tres, is a feminine fashion label, founded by the former students of shenkar college. resulting in a well cut, sophisticated fashion and a wardrobe mixing day and night.to conclude the end of the year show of the school of engineering and design, of which most of the israeli designers come from, shenkar college, which has particularly seen alber elbaz. a fashion without inhibitions, experimental and creative that suggests a future full of promise.music from the show (only to be used in the context of the show, protected by the right to information.)