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Trussardi - Menswear collection Autumn/Winter 2017/18 in Milan (with interview)

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Designer : gaia trussardicollection : inspired by tarot cards and by its characters who traverse all time periods. a collection presented as a performance, which took place in the sublime palais de brera between caravage, botticelli or ruben’s art pieces a masculine wardrobe that is timeless and easy to wear to note : the fluidity and the softness of the materials, everything is flexible and moves easily on the body, nothing is constrained not even the suit jackets.the leather is omnipresent, under the form of stripes mixed with the knitwear, for the long supple jackets or the enveloping blousons interview with gaia trussardi : the collection is made out of iconic pieces and they are reflected in the characters of this season, they are the tarots, trussardi tarots, so it’s a reinterpretation of these figures and characters, they are really important and they are timeless in our iconographyi worked a lot in creating these iconic pieces, that could be from the past but coherent in the present, and they could be in the future, so shapes which are classic but not too classic with a cool feel to themthe trussardi man is a relaxed person so whether he wears formal or leisure wear, the balance between elegance and casual and relaxation is always the same, for example the gym suit is very elegant and kind of stiff and embellished with patches that remind you of nobility and this kind of zodiac symbology of the tarots. music free of right (bandit & nikit)