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The French fashion designer Sonia Rykiel died at the age of 86

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Sonia rykiel always designed fashion her own way. her story began in the early 60s, when pregnant with her daughter nathalie. she wanted a little, tight-fitting knitted jumper, so she designed one, and then developed a taste for the art. soon dubbed the “queen of knitwear”, she continued to design collections for free and independent women, like herself. her love of paris’ saint germain des prés neighborhood, where she opened her first store in 1968, was regularly referenced in her collections. as a passionate woman, her love of writing was often brought to her sweaters with diamanté statements.(interview) the seams on the outside, the hems too long, bras worn on top, or breasts revealed -- that’s her. sonia rykiel has always flouted convention, loving to steal ideas from the male wardrobe to attract them more. (interview) her fashion embraces the parisian woman. daring black, glitter, stripes, romance, sensuality. her flamboyant freckles, her tiny frame and her joie de vivre, which radiates from her collections, forever will define the rykiel style.interview from sonia rykiel : i love fashion, i love what i do. what is very interesting is to be able to play in a clever way and at the same time a very personal, graphic and artificial way. that is the fashion game, to say to yourself i don’t just do anything; i am who i am, i know the women i dress very well, i put some politics, ecology and so many things into every dress, and at the same time finish up by making them quite romantic, soft, tender and gorgeous things. when i started out in fashion, i was fascinated by women who could be free, expose themselves, who could show everything. so i started to take pictures and then i said, but let’s take off the bra, and so we removed the bra and after that, we never put it back on! that was the beginning; the seams on the outside were the same. i tried it out on a piece and i thought it was as beautiful, like a cathedral ceiling. it is magnificent. gaia trussardi:the materials are velvet, corduroy; very comfortable materials, suede of course and all of them are worked in the old tradition of trussardi. philip lim:you know velvet is a hard thing because it is either too glamorous or a bit too young so it is not so easy for everyday and if you saw that velvet suit, it felt like every day wear and i think that it was about using technology to bond the velvet, wash it and to mix the fibers to create this idea. alessandro dell'acqua:the velvet is very light it is a very important search hard to find very light material. guillaume henry:when we were developing the velvet, we wanted it to resemble a rain shower. music free of rights: bandit & nikit