Haute Jewelry : couture spirit

The marriage between haute couture and haute jewelry has never been celebrated so much, giving rise to magical presentations on the sidelines of fashion shows, where the couture spirit still resonates in the exceptional jewelry. Like at Dior who firstly chose a particular hotel, filled with flowers and with several chandeliers, to unravel its final collection signed by Victoire de Castellane. The designer was inspired by Versailles in going to search for the details of the decorations and ornamentations of the famous chateau. Ribbons found themselves in the <> necklace which imposes its presence, the <> bracelet which comes in blackened silver, rose gold, white and yellow gold, diamonds and yellow diamonds, attractive for its delicacy and its curves. It is a question of asymmetric movements, of precious details that reveal themselves, like a couture dress, which can appear differently by wearing it. The same thing was seen at Van Cleef & Arpels, who chose to concentrate this year on the emerald. The stone is revealed in a new light, sprinkling pieces of exceptional haute jewelry. (interview)One can see a dazzling ribbon, a bracelet and its tassels, the signature zipped necklaces of the fashion house. (interview)At De Beers, exceptional pieces took shape with the diamond, the specialty of the house. The salons of the rue de la paix in Paris transformed themselves beneath wreaths of flowers and transported us to London. Like during a fashion show, the magic of the five different pieces of finery operated so that each piece represented a London monument, for example, the Elizabeth Tower, the famous tower of Big Ben, and its central clock composed from a multitude of diamonds of different sizes. Not forgetting the detachable medallion that can be worn as a broach. Finally, the two universes, haute couture and haute jewelry, highlight an exceptional savoir-faire of mixing dream and reality, through unique objects that retain a life of their own. Intrerview with Nicolas Bos: In fact the emerald, yes it’s an exceptional green stone that we all know very well, and actually it has enormously diverse origins, it has huge amounts of nuances, of really different colours that generate extremely different emotions and in fact each stone carries within it a sort of inspiration, a type of story, a type of universe. The elements of the world of couture as the formal inspiration for jewelry are important and particularly in our fashion house, you can find a lot of borrowed codes from the clothing world but we make them all eternal. Music royalty free / Bandit & Nikit - 2016

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