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Trussardi - MENSWEAR collection spring/summer 2017 in Milan (with interview)

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Location: brera palace designer: gaia trussardiinspiration: a presentation in the form of a performance with actors who interpret the male archetypes reflected in a mirror. + canvas painters like ligabue and vincent van gogh.silhouette: lightness primes in a work on the fabrics treated with finesse and suppleness around linen, nylon, denim, suede and python.focus on: patterns forming the image of an antique bust. the man expresses his craziness, his differences, for menswear fashion evolving into a period full of movement. gaia trussardi highlights her research and her work on the fabric for a loose and urban wardrobe.interview from gaia trussardi:i started with the theme of identity in this case identity of men and i wanted to represent a little bit of craziness, the craziness of our lives nowadays and the theme of the mask, the mask that we put on every day in front of the mirror guarding us from ourselves and from people. so who are we really? but i played around with it and i wanted to make it ironic and sarcastic so i created these 12 characters, 12 stereotypes of the modern man. the clothes and the outfits speak for themselves, because formal wear for example is very elegant is very rich a luxurious but it is comfortable and loose with these woollen fabrics, silk and cotton together. everything is supposed to be almost like you’re at home in a domestic gown outfit but then you can go out in it, go to work in it, go to a party with friends in it and you can go on a walk to the beach in it, it is a really relaxed elegant style. music of the show, do not reuse for more than 7 days after the show