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Christian Dior- WOMENSWEAR collection Autumn-Winter 2016/17 in Paris (with interviews)

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Designer: the studio under the leadership of serge ruffieux and lucie meier location: cour carrée du louvre. a mirror-structure with a round and circular shape greets the guests. collection: feminine silhouette with a play on neckline, falling, uncovered or draped shoulders.focus: the dior bar suit revisited, the navy blue dress coat with shirt-tail under the collar, the mid length quilted dress with flower patterns and embroidery placed on a shoulder.+ the parrot patterns + colour through orange knit on puff sleeves and straight jacquard skirt.note: open crocodile and lizard boots and an accumulation of earrings and bags.+ the beauty side: almost black lips, dark skin, hair styled in two little macarons behind the head.interviews from: serge ruffieux and lucie meier, sidney toledano, pierre niney & jessica alba.serge ruffieux et lucie meier:it is an extension of couture. i think that's the spirit of the woman that we wanted to continue with in the ready to wear, but in a more spontaneous way.yes it was spontaneous and more instinctivewe let the clothing live, in fact, let them pose, not too rigid or too straight the codes here are so strong and present that it is better to just play and have funsidney toledano :everyone sees and at some point dream about the codes differently and today they gave and showed what they felt. today, it was neither john nor raf nor bohan, nor mr. dior himselfpierre niney :there is always dior dna behind everything. i saw today what i studied from yves saint laurent’s period at dior, the layout, the design of coats, the dresses and i loved seeing this link, this connection in history jessica alba :i thought there were lots of beautiful pieces. i loved the bags that were all open and undone and i loved the dresses and the coats that were off the shoulder. i love the nonchalant aspect with the juxtaposition of such beautiful clothing. music of the show, (donot reuse for more than 7 days after the show)