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Trussardi- WOMENSWEAR collection Autumn-Winter 2016/17 in Milan (with interview)

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Designer: gaia trussardiinspiration: an urban collection inspired by a sweet country escape.silhouette: long silhouette mixing fabrics with many details, a saddle stitch that hems a cape, a suede gradation that mixes with tweed for a jacket, tartan treated in velvet to a long straight dress. fluidity of silk pyjamas, a long skirt in tulle and a shirt pleated in chiffon.focus on: trousers buttoned at the ankle, the suede strips on the side of trousers, head scarves and prints taken from the house’s archives. to note: the boots in tiger striped heels, the many handbags made in a multitude of fabrics. colours: autumnal with touches of burgundy, navy blue, orange.interview from gaia trussardi:this is the story about jolene. jolene is the character in the dolly parton song, a country song that talks about this beautiful woman, who men and women both love, because she is so inaccessible. she is a contemporary woman and my interpretation of her is someone who lives between the city and the country, where she has her family house and she borrows clothes from her mother and grandmother’s wardrobe and she mixes them together in a very urban and cool fit. there is also a new romantic taste in the shirts, like the dartanyan shirts, and pleated shirts as well as long skirts in tulle that look like little girls in the country side who go out at night to check out the fields! music of the show, (donot reuse for more than 7 days after the show)