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Trussardi Presentation - MENS collection Autumn-Winter 2016/17 in Milan (with interview)

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Designer: gaia trussarditheme: bunkers, street musicians and the great artists such as john lennon, jimmy page, paul weller and peter townshend. a presentation where the music and the 70’s british rock eccentricity serve as the inspirations for a collection that men wear with ease.fabrics: leather, tweed, corduroy, or the prince of wales.patterns: tartan reinterpreted in a vintage spirit and tie patterns that adorn gilets and shirts.colours: autumnal and warm, brown, grey, blue, ocher, terracotta.to note: the brera gallery. and musicians who play the same tune in a succession of rooms.interview from gaia trussardi:i started from the icons of rock and pop from the 60s the 70s and especially british icons from john lennon paul mccartney, paul weller, peter townshend, jimmy page, all the music that i have always looked at and liked in the past and their style. i recreated, in a trussardi way, these outfits for example with reinterpreted materials like tartans, british typical tartan is printed on velvet or for the pants, some were shorter and larger. i also made them very tight as nowadays that’s how youngsters/boys want to dress, so i gave trussardi a contemporary feel that was already cool but vintage let’s say.i am more into materials that are not so much technological as i need the warmth element especially in the menswear so that’s why the use of velvet, of wool, of shearling and warm colours, browns, i always play around with mixing warm and cold together. music of the show