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Seoul, the new fashion Elderado

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South korea has got everyone talking these last few months, through its dynamism and openness to the world as well as hosting numerous events in seoul. remembering that chanel has decided to show its croisière collection there, using the country’s 5 symbolic colours. karl lagerfeld has even added some touches of the famous traditional clothing, the hanbok. dior launched its largest store in the world in a building made of futuristic shapes made by christian de pontzamparc.itw sidney toledanoand the house doesn’t stop there as it took the opportunity to discover the whole dior spirit at an exhibition in the famous monument built by zaha hadid and involves six local artists (do-ho suh, lee bul , heryum kim, kim dong-yoo, kiwon park seon ghi bahk-) revisiting the spirit of the house.the new generation of designers is constantly being noticed whether in art, design or of course fashion. itw eric pujalet-plaathe big names catwalk during seoul fashion week, whilst great talents fly abroad, like juun j to paris with his menswear fashion, mixing volumes and textures. itw juun jafter the fashion capitals and big megacities like tokyo or shanghai, we will, from now on, also count on seoul.interviews :sidney toledano: we are interested in tomorrow’s customers; we invest in the decade or the next twenty years. there’s a whole generation of curious koreans, of course for our products, for the quality, but they are also very sensitive to the cultural aspect of our company, of this house. eric pujalet-plaà :koreans approach fashion with an official interest, which means that fashion is respected as an important way of expression and indicative of a culture. it’s been twenty, thirty years that koreans have been around. they have a pretty clear identity collectively, but at the same time each person has a very particular point of view.juun j:i love tailoring but also streetwear, i just call it « street tailoring ».eric pujalet-plaà :korea is an issue for fashion, that's for sure. i am not quite sure in what sense i mean; is it a place of presentation, is it a market, is it a place of design, is it everything together, but in any case it all should be taken into account.music free of right / bandit & nikit