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Trussardi- Fashion Show Ready to Wear Spring-Summer 2016 in Milan (with interview)

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A travel invitation. gaia trussardi takes us far away from the city, to a distant destination, more precisely, the australian desert. this means natural fabrics with texture effects, clear points of couture and sharp bordered cut clothes. loose berber striped trousers are so fluid, long dress shirts are brought in at the waist by a pompom link. lightness is expressed through the long over jackets floating over the body. the line is lengthened by rigid, split long leather skirts, folded back at the waist or through long sleeveless tunic dresses in pleated nubuck leather. colours are soft, in cameo beige, ivory, brightened by some touches of ochre, rust and blue. a leather plastron or an apron dress with thin straps elegantly covers the body, demonstrating the real know-how of this label that specialises in leather.interview from: gaia trussardithis collection is a journey, a journey of a woman searching for a strong connection with nature. and searching for a spirituality.when i was making this collection, by chance, i watched this move, “tracks” that tells the story for robyn davidson, this australian woman who travelled through the australian desert for 2700km, by herself, with only 4 dromedaries. she reflects very well what i want to represent in terms of character for the collection.i am fixated with rocks, nature, colours, textures and feeling. i try to translate it into clothing as if the clothes were rising from the earth. they are also treated in a luxurious way because they are cut, left with the fringes coming out on the sides. but they are all finished with the typical stitching of the brand, which comes from the tradition of leather craftsmanship. music of the show