Edun -Womenswear Fashion Show Autumn/Winter 2015/16 in New York with interview

At Edun, the brand founded by the singer Bono and his wife Ali Hewson, with the aim of promoting and developing African resources and owned by the LVMH group, is always about a question of travelling, of exoticism and of discoveries. The designer Danielle Sherman incorporates these artistic elements into each outfit and plays with the idea of unfinished elements, like their first few coats with visible threads. The tunic dresses with a sixties spirit take on another dimension with these silver stripes in lurex worn over a leather coat or huge boots which are thrown on over tights. The belts and other broaches provided directly by the craftsmen met on their travels. To note: the two last models with these huge tapestry fabrics with fringing incorporated directly onto a dress and onto a black coat. Interview: Danielle Sherman: It’s mixing traditional recognisable objects in non-traditional ways so the set actually was influenced by obelisks, in North Africa, but then doing it in a Donald Judd interpretation so that’s why you had the stacked forms and it felt quite angular, it didn’t have the pyramid at the top, but normally obelisks are the entry way of a temple so you have two of them, so that was the original idea there and then with the actual clothes, it was also taking traditional artisanal techniques and then putting a spin on it and doing it in non-traditional ways for example all of the tuxedo jackets at the end it’s like a beautiful menswear double face fabric we mixed it with a brocade which came from Fes we actually worked with an artisinat I was there over the holidays and he made those pieces exclusively for Edun.We live in such a digital age that you start to feel desensitised and I feel like you need to feel again, so actually a lot of the constructions on the jackets were inside out, the seams were raw, you see threads, the fringe, so you see the actual fabric moving, we wanted to create life. Musique libre de droit: Bandit & Nikit

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