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Maison Rabih Kayrouz- Collection spring/summer 2015 in Paris (with interview)

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At the palais de tokyo in paris, rabih kayrouz addressed the kids of the best districts with his spring-summer 2015 collection.with silky, flowing fabrics: the red rose print was found on silk dresses, as well as masculine trousers with paneled pinafores, a new idea took over throughout the show, accentuating the fluidity by the asymmetric pieces. interview: rabih kayrouz: what i really like is this idea of a woman who likes to go out of her district, out of her cacoon, and of her comfort zone and is not afraid of anything. and who doesn’t need anything else, she doesn’t need anything artificial, just things that make her stronger or even freer, she’s already free and she expresses her freedom with just a t-shirt and trousers or even with just a “twin-set” why not? i didn’t want to do anything too detailed or too structured, but at the same time not something that went in all directions. so it was a bit of a play with the construction where the pieces seemed to fall, but really it’s very much about the construction. i even had a play with the flaps on the dresses and trousers and all of it. even with the materials, i wasn’t afraid of using flowers. floral fabric is dangerous because it’s very difficult to work with, and it can quickly turn out to become something tacky and i loved this little challenge because it’s that which pleases me and to play with something that’s between good and bad.music from the show