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Kenzo - Women's Fall/Winter 2014/15 Collection in Paris (with itw)

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The kenzo fashion show took place at quai d’asterliz, in the famous “cité de la mode”. the stage was designed by david lynch who brought an oddity with music and this sculpture of a head in the middle of the decor. the quite strict beauty look sported by the models, a center parted pony tail, perfectly emphasised the generous coats. the young girls either had their waists cinched in with belts to highlight their model figures or removed to reveal basques and the “return” to floral skirts. prints, jacquards, embellishments and colours reflected the wide range of this very kenzo collection. however, the black dress and suit were also here, and fit in well with the rest of the collection. there is no doubt that fans are going to wrestle over the shoes with the imposing soles.interview : carol lim : our inspiration was david lynch, you know he started with pre collection, men’s, and for this we were able to work with him directly. he designed the set, he did the music, and so you know he was a big inspiration for us for this collection.humberto leon : we wanted to play with silhouettes and really try to showcase this powerful woman. we focused on a higher waist this season and i think that those suits with the skirts on top really kind of showed you…for us it was really a feminine collection and we wanted to showcase the waist of the woman and really kind of play with the proportions. we wanted a youthfulness to the ponytail; we wanted her to feel like she was really energetic, and young feeling. the eyes also gives you a sense of you know…i think that david lynch always plays with a certain kind of aesthetic, a feeling and so we really wanted to play with it. it was all blue, they had blue velvet nails, and so that really tied back into the theme of the collection. jessica alba : i like to look at beautiful things and see the stories that the designers are telling. everyone gets to escape and fantasise that they are those women so i just love to see each woman and who they are. music from the fashion show