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Nina Ricci - Women's Fall/Winter 2014/15 Collection in Paris (with itw)

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Seated on the front row, olivia palermo, jessica alba and in-vogue it-girl/blogger miroslava duma don’t hesitate to pull out their phones to take snaps of their favourite outfits. doubtlessly they see themselves perfectly reflected in this ultra feminine nina ricci woman who plays with the different sides of her personality. they may opt for a laid-back attitude in loose leather trousers and thin turtleneck cashmere jumper in burgundy hues or a fluid silk crepe jumpsuit in iris prints. and why not for a business meeting, a skirt suit belted with fur detail, or an ensemble with a zipped jacket teamed with a short, flared skirt, all entirely embroidered in intricate flowers. after dark, she may prefer a short, lace embroidered skirt or she may feel more confident in a longer style, in embroidered macramé or even intense black velvet and lace. artistic director peter copping recreates this spellbinding nina ricci female that appeals to both young girls and non-stop women who love looking sophisticated and chic, day and night… interview:peter copping:femininity is very central to nina ricci every season and i think the collections are very well known for eveningwear but we have to expand the range so it was very important to do more daywear pieces and i really did like that homewear feeling and to design clothes that women actually want to put on and feel good.i wanted the last part of the collection to feel very consistent so i wanted to go for one spirit and really explore an idea that very much came through the fabrics such as macramé and lace and they weren’t the typical laces that i have used in past collections; they often had a much more graphic flower motif and then i thought i want to push them further so i wanted to even embellish those materials so there were dégradés of sequins, quite often in very dark, sumptuous colours.music from the fashion show