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Behind the scenes at Guerlain, exploring the perfume production site in Orphin (with itw)

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For the first time, the production site of guerlain perfumes located at orphin, an hour from paris opens its doors. it is here where 14 million perfume bottles are made every year for the entire world and in which ‘la petite robe noire’ was born. from the transformation of raw materials such as rose and jasmine to the final perfume and baudruchage, everything is controlled by the team of the house perfumer thierry wasser, guaranteeing the guerlain quality, perfumer since 1828. the lvmh group presents its 2nd edition of its ‘journées particulières’ on the weekend of the 15th and 16th june 2013 in france, italy, spain, united kingdom, switzerland, belgium and poland. music free of right / nikit & bandit 2012 interview thierry wasser : everything that enters this factory as a raw material and everything that comes out as a fragrance is smelt by my team, i cannot smell everything but when there’s a problem i am alerted immediately and i’m the judge in terms of quality. here are the raw materials that are mixed together in a concentrate. this concentrate is therefore a pure fragrance, which must then rest. it’s in the room that immediately follow this mixing room where there is the maturation. it is my predecessors and now myself that determine the duration. then you have the concentrate mix in the alcohol. the last step is in the cuverie, it sits and steeps and that is also a time determined by me so that those that will be placed in bottles in the atelier will be at their optimum. like wine, perfume is alive and must reach this maturation. then the perfume is filtered, brought to the packing workshop, placed in bottles, decorated, packaged and shipped. you have to master your craft and your job encompasses everything from the invention to the bottle in our stores.