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The Debutante Ball - The savoir-faire of the big fashion houses put forward

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To fully succeed her presence at the ball, the debutante must meet three criteria : firstly to wear an haute couture dress ; several months before the event the debutantes came to paris for fittings and chose their dresses from big fashion houses. sophia rose stallone at elie saab, the japanese twins at valentino, justine vilgrain at azzedine alaïa, the vietnamese lan vy at jan taminau.next, the jewelry. each dress is accompanied by carefully selected jewelry. they are lent from the american fiona druckenmiller. finally, the last criterion : to wear beautiful shoes matched to the dress. this year they're by louboutin who for the occasion, created the shoes made to measure for each debutante. music free of right / bandit &nikit 2012 interview jan taminiau: i love the tradition of the ball, i love the fact that the girls still come out, be presented, and show themselves in their own way, and in their own unique way and we have to repeat this for at least 100 years to come. alexis mabille : it's a beautiful story, having debutantes in paris, they are girls who have come from all over the world, and who are dressed by french couturiers. it's hard to parade like that in front of so many people. thomas tolan: you begin with the dress, because it's the easiest to kind of base it off of, but that's how we kind of made the selection of what we were bringing to paris and then once we were here, each deb has a very unique character, personality, we would make combinations and then move things around, as required, some debs are actually quite demur and they want things understated, and we tried to choose pieces that weren't quite so flashy, while others think that this is my moment and i'm being presented to society and i want the sparkle, and shine and we certainly have the pieces to do that. crazy. christian louboutin : if you are a young girl, and all of a sudden it's your first ball or it's something important, the shoe is very symbolic so it's quite natural to ask, it's quite normal to understand very well the desire of the person, and for me, that is what it is all about in the couture and the luxury, it's to be very close to the desires of the people, to work, to see, to understand the different generations, that's really the most beautiful thing.