The Debutante Ball - How to prepare a dress for the Ball. A visit to Gustavo Lins' atelier

Brazilian Gustavo Lins based in France for 24 years, decided to make a tailored dress in his Parisian atelier, for the young debutante Isabella Matos, daughter of the president of Hyundai Colombia Automotriz, of Cinascar and Isanic. A look on the designer's vision and the way he works on an haute couture model.

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Gustavo Lins : Someone who enters the adult world deserves a garment specially made for her, in a fabric that was purchased brand new and which hasn't been worn by anyone before. I place a great importance to symbols, the concern is to not make them look old because an haute couture gown can age very easily.

I'm trying to adjust what I've seen on her, because truthfully, she is much smaller than this mannequin, she had her first fitting for the dress and after I cut in this silk, which had the same weight as the silk that is used for the dress, to see if it all works well because this dress is designed as a sari, in fact there are no side seams, I took a piece of fabric and I built it around her body.

Isabella Mattos :I feel very special, I love it, I feel very unique seeing as I'm going to be wearing one of Gustavo Lins unique pieces, and I feel very proud that I have a chance to do it.

I loved how it fits the body, I love the design, the very modern design that you don't really see around and I found it very unique, that it doesn't look like any other dress.

: -She is a bit like my daughter in fact, she is beautiful, she is touching,she is chic, she feels comfortable and she knows what she wants. That is what's impressive, she knows what she wants, and she wears it as if it were a t-shirt. You wouldn't think she was a debutant.

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