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"Palace of chance" - Haute Joaillerie Van Cleef & Arpels collection

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To display their collection of haute joaillerie, van cleef & arpels open the doors of the palace of chance, and bring us into their fantasy world, through a theatrical staging of jewelry and creations all related with the precious and positive value. stanislas de quercize : it is about revisiting the fundamentals of jewelry, jewelry has always been created by men and women to protect themselves from bad fate. a bracelet is a small shield, we call it a talisman or a "lucky charm" ... in the tombs, in all humanity you have men and women buried with weapons on one side, and with jewels on the other, because one had to have jewelry for the journey for protection. we found a saying by jacques arpels, a member of the founding family of the house van cleef and arpels, it said, 'to be lucky you have to believe in luck', and yes, this is the original idea of this collection, to believe in luck we need to recognise it and believe in it. and so we created this collection with three chapters, the first is everything in nature that brings you luck: ladybirds, dragonflies, butterflies, four-leaf clovers. and then the second chapter is the tales and legends that you bring good luck: unicorns, dragons. and the third chapter is your lucky star, therefore here are three chapters that give birth to this wonderful story, of a luck that you should know to recognise and in which we are all invited to believe. and so the idea is to make it come alive, to show this world a better place that in the end, art makes us better, so a theatre director made this setting, to showcase these creations and to invite us to enter a world in which we believe in luck. music - artist : birdy / album : birdy / title : young blood / ref : wea