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11 oct. 2017
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Trendzoom: Fashion Colour Forecast A/W 2018/19

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11 oct. 2017

The forecast provides complete colour direction for A/W 2018-19 and introduces the leading trend themes for the season. This season the colours offer an effective balance of practical and familiar shades, which adapt to the current need for stability and reflection.

The report outlines core colours, essential highlights and creative combinations for each trend.
The introduction to a 10-page report published: July, 2017.

RESPECTus – fast-paced shades set against a backdrop of solid architectural colour.

MIRCOmanAGE – colour taps into the relationship between personal and artificial worlds.

ACCIDENTISM – happy coincidences and relationships between subdued and bright colours.

TRENDZOOM, Fashion Trend Forecasting Service delivers both long-term forecasting and fast-response information to the fashion community. The company remains an independent force in the marketplace, and one that continues to accurately anticipate trends ahead of the competition.

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