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25 nov. 2016
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Arsutoria: Trends S/S 2018 – ARTEFACT – Concept & Materials

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25 nov. 2016

Art as ARTEFACT, creative fascination made or shaped by man, such as a tool or a work of art, or eclectic experimental result.

Trends S/S 2018 – ARTEFACT – Concept & Materials - Arsutoria

The mood emphasizes the freedom to create at will, proposing a new eclectic and decorative style.
Experimenting artistic techniques in complete freedom.
A world of fantastic stories that travel into the past, going through the contemporary before projecting themselves into an imaginary future.
A surreal vision of virtual reality, the online/offline in which we live every day, day and night, nightclubs and fresh gardens.
Renaissance of a new generation of designer’s creativity, fascinated by a romanticism between retro romance and jungle ethno chic, esotericism and disco party, grunge and fairy tale.

Trends S/S 2018 – ARTEFACT – Concept & Materials - Arsutoria

The typical bold shades of a hot summer mix together with light, transparent and delicate colours.
Bleached sandy browns and dark cocoa, bright spicy orange, and antique blush pink, shiny salmon, lime yellow and bronze gold. Royal blue and white gold.

A liberation of creativity to renew materials with fresh ideas and modernity, interpreting themes and decorative stories.
Leather has fine grains, refinished, semi-gloss, with a light-reflecting coating, glitter and soft gold light. Fabrics are often bright and iridescent, in relation to both the coating treatments and the special yarns.
Brocades and jacquards are experiencing the inclusion of ethnic fibres. The hardware in shades of gold, bronze and copper is often combined with plexiglas details or other high-tech materials.
The new generation of tulle and mesh is renewed by decorations or combinations with raffia, woven leather and other yarns, tapes, knotting and embroidery. Multi-coloured PVC with glitter sequins and the most eclectic fantasies... Explore the world of embroidery and appliques on leather, PVC and on the cork effect materials.

Trends S/S 2018 – ARTEFACT – Concept & Materials - Arsutoria

Leather: Conceria Dimar – Textile: Schmid – Heel: Tacchificio di Molinella – Metal accessories: Tecno Minuterie – Metal ribbon: B.E. di Bersani

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