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8 jul. 2021
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Annflor Sangan: Ready Atlantic Trend - Spring/Summer 2021

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8 jul. 2021

The trend Spring/Summer 2022 Ready Atlantic, reveals the eventful universe of the sea with this light and soothing color palette. This concept highlights large and oversized pieces, inspired by denim and unisex materials. This Breton fashion is Asia’s fantasm.

The creative vision of this theme unveil shades of blue which gives a feeling of softness, a restful climate which softens the of the waves. Indigo set up into our fashion summer. Colors like pink or beige, bring a loving touch, more alive. They evoke liveliness and express cheerfulness.

« It’s not the sea that makes the waves, it’s the wind. » Grégoire’s euphorisms - Grégoire Lacroix

Rather than go far away, let’s go back to our regions for a peaceful atmosphere, in front of a sunset head to head with the sea.

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