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27 may. 2021
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Fashion for Breakfast: Vintage focus on Swimwear - Spring/Summer 2022

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27 may. 2021

Swimwear is an infinite world of styles and the past is an endless source of shapes, colours and fabrics that are still able to influence the swimwear of today. Vintage inspirations create dozens of possibilities for swimwear: from the cutest to the most elegant, touching on elements that never go out of style. 

With our focus on vintage swimwear, together let’s look at the models that are still fashionable today in Spring/Summer 22. 

A style with a retro touch that adds a hint of class even when we are lounging on the beach. We are talking about the one-piece swimsuit, which we now have in its most cheerful and blatantly '80s version: Pop Print Swimsuits are one-piece swimsuits that feature very colourful pop prints, that mix graffiti and geometric patterns on a kaleidoscope of graphics. A model which can also double as a fashionable bodysuit, to wear during the warm season to create ironic  and casual outfits.

The world of one-piece swimsuits also offers the Cutted Swimsuit, a more provocative model that creates shapes on your body through cut-out areas. There are slits, keyholes, daring geometric cuts arranged on the fabric creating a super feminine peek-a-boo effect, turning this model into something more than just a simple swimsuit.

And lastly the Bow Swim Bra, a model inspired by the classic two-piece swimsuit. The top ties or features or bow in the middle, giving it a heart shape and making it even more feminine and delicate. Plus, the retro style is created by shimmery ‘80s fabrics that light up the model and alternate with classic floral prints or elegant, timeless optical white.

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