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2 oct. 2020
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Fashion for Breakfast: Trends in Colours and Fabrics for Women Fall/Winter 2021-22

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2 oct. 2020

1 - Eclectic World-Aviator

A mood that takes us back to the fascinating atmosphere of New York in the ’50s, but with a sporty touch that makes it modern. The inspiration for this theme comes straight from classic aviator outfits, embellished with leather utility details, vintage-style shoes that resemble boxing shoes and bowling bags. The overall image is warm and enveloping, made up of a well-balanced blend of fall and saturated shades.

Fashion for Breakfast: Trends in Colours and Fabrics for WomenFall/Winter 2021-22

2 - Formal Gamer
The strict and plain sartorial style of the “office” wardrobe immersed in a“cathodic” reality. The oversize jackets that invaded offices and catwalks in the 90s allude to that period, while mixed and matched with the kaleidoscopic style of prints of the video games that became so popular at that time.
The colours of the theme are inspired by these two converging realities: sartorial greys matched with splashes of bright purple, blue and green.

Fashion for Breakfast: Trends in Colours and Fabrics for WomenFall/Winter 2021-22

3 - Spiritual Naturalist
With the more intimate and personal dimension of this theme, we find ourselves in a space dedicated to ourselves, like a tiny hide-away: it is a gentle and protected vision of ancient femininity. Flowers, the symbol of grace, cover the clothes: realistic prints, photograms printed on light, impalpable fabrics that trace coloured shapes on clothes or decorate accessories. The colour palette describes graceful femininity: nuances that explore the range of pink, from nude to peach, to luscious cherry.

Fashion for Breakfast: Trends in Colours and Fabrics for WomenFall/Winter 2021-22

4 - Feminine Master
This mood includes sensual details borrowed from the world of lingerie, such as leather bralettes decorated with belts and studs. These pieces are softened with more delicate and classically feminine elements, such as feathers light as air, gloves and garments with lace inserts, mixed and matched with prints of obscure patterns. The accent colour is undoubtedly deep purple, with the addition of sensual shades such as black and blue.

The entire trend is available at https://www.fashionforbreakfast.it/insights/?season[]=fall-winter-21-22

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