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25 may. 2020
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Trendzoom : Colour Forecast Spring/Summer 2021

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25 may. 2020

Launching into spring summer 2021 with the COLOUR report. An exploration into the shades which will shape this exciting new season. The palette is a tight edit of 40 colours set to dominate the fashion and accessories scene for women, men and youth sectors. 

The colour map reveals the complete palette for the season, colour hues divide the palette into colour groups and colour by trend, introduces the three new trends of the season: SOURCE, RESET, VOICE.
The important core colour range grounds the palette, while the KEY6 colours are the standout shades which will define the spring/summer season. The following three colours are taken from our KEY6 selection - the high-impact shades which will define the new season.

The first of our KEY6 colours is Amazon, a vivid but low-impact shade, (environmentally) and an important addition to the SOURCE trend. The colour works across fashion and accessories for all genders and has transseasonal appeal. Basking in the limelight are two connected colours in natural tones, showing the impact of blues in this season’s palette.

This purple/lilac shade is a key component of the RESET trend, it embraces a slower paced lifestyle and emanates an aura of mysticism. It’s an off-kilter shade elevated into a KEY6 colour because it has an emotional quality and confidence, which fits perfectly with the current mood. Other lilac shades of Pink Haze and Pink Touch emphasise the Lilac trend.

Senior grey is a KEY6 colour that connects to the inclusive aspects of VOICE. Grey has moved from a basic colour into the fashion spotlight. It is a far-reaching shade that easily combines with other neutral or saturated colours, it transcends seasons and works for all sectors of fashion and accessories. Graphene (last season’s KEY6 colour) joins as a secondary shade.

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