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30 jun. 2010
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Mudpie : Escapism - Male & Female - Autumn/Winter 2010-2011

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30 jun. 2010

An urge to escape to a fantasy world of extravagance and eccentricity is expressed through an unapologetic return to decadence. An antique element is inspired by the 1920s; a time of frivolity and romanticism. The spectacle of a vintage circus and the passion of dramatic dance bring a touch of costume to the trend. Film and performance idealise the tragic heroine, while art explores a world of alternative realities.

Fashion interpretation

Inspired by passion, performance and the dramatic arts, the Escapism palette is plush and precious. A rich, opulent core palette combines dark shades of inky indigo, mauve noisette, deep damson and intense velvety green. Tarnished gold adds a metallic glint; giving a sense of luxury and extravagance. Styling combines decorative garments with the structure of formal tailoring for a theatrical look. Romantic and vivid prints capture the passion of performance, while graphics seek the charm of vintage theatre and opera posters. Ballet inspires soft wrap-around garments and ornamental detailing, with bolder elements such as decorative jackets and extravagant silhouettes influenced by the drama of flamenco. Gentle florals and intricate, illustrative graphics add to the fantastical element which takes direction from the eclectic imagination of the film and art world.

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