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5 may. 2010
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Patternpeople : Winter 2010 inspirations, Japan Fashion Week

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5 may. 2010

Lace and crochet

Motonari Ono, Mint Design, Tokuko 1er Vol (x2), background, Pattern People

Been seeing some gorgeous uses of lace and crochet on the Tokyo runways, and noticing a big trend towards lace prints in the U.S. and Europe marketplace coming up soon.

Folkloric knits

Everlasting Sprout (top image) showed some folksy knits reminiscent of recent films "Where the Wild Things Are", and "The Fantasic Mr. Fox", particularly the fox mask/hats, and the child-like sets. Phenonomenon paired naive-style animal and nature imagery with hard rugged 90's inspired pieces like black kilts, combat boots and even some bondage-gear-looking leather straps. The juxtaposition really shouldn't work, but it does.

Claudia Brown

Courtesy of Patternpeople.

Pattern People is a surface print studio based in Portland, Oregon. Here, Jessie and Claudia, along with some amazing contributing artists, create artwork for apparel and interior companies.
For more info please check the constantly updated blog or write to [email protected]

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