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17 mar. 2010
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Carlin International : SS 2010 Beauty Trends - Bet on the Nude for Spring !

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17 mar. 2010

Maryelle, can you give us an explanation for this general « nude » craze, this comeback of lighter makeup?

The Nude is a major trend that started a few seasons ago – to the point that it has even become a generic term: makeup professionals use the expression « Nude » to describe work on a light, but perfect complexion, a result so imperceptible that is seems like a second skin, elaborate but ultra discreet. This mirrors progress made on textures over the last years: the complexion has gained considerable finesse. By extension, nude becomes the art of invisible makeup work, or of the « non made-up » effect, just there to magnify natural traits and to reinforce glow on all points of the face. That implies ever increasing mastery of color ranges - varieties of beige and pink tones according to different skin types. This then is the level of subtlety that makes the Nude, again this season, an unavoidable trend: thanks to new hues, original and sophisticated effects, it continues to seduce lovers of everything natural as well as fashion fans. What is indeed interesting is to observe the correlation between this makeup trend and ready-to-wear, where the Nude trend is also apparent. Airy materials, evanescent silhouettes, worked voiles, transparency in skin tones...designers also promote the Nude on catwalks. These fashion/makeup interactions convey more softness and harmony.

Florence, how in your opinion will « nude » be renewed for this beginning of spring?

For early spring, the nude (still on front stage) will become globally more sophisticated, innovating more with textures and becoming more feminine in its color ranges. Grays that were very popular this winter will give way to a palette of sophisticated beige tones. Ranging from satiny skin hues to gourmet beige and including warm chestnut, this neutral color family will be shaken up this season by soft pink.

In what ways can this trend be used?

The highlight this season is the fact that nude is not just a matter of a transparent complexion and a zero make-up look. We will use soft and neutral colors, with surprising textures that flaunt a look both sober and sophisticated. Less is more! These tones will not only be used on the face, but will transgress zones until now unexploited by this trend. We note the major comeback of beige for lips, as illustrated by the latest Maybelline campaign (that generally capitalizes on color!!). Blushes flirt more with tanned/caramel complexions than with the pinkish-more orange shades that we usually wear at the beginning of the season. And the must for spring is to have nails in matching beige or taupe, like the last « Particulière » by Chanel.
Ready-to-wear color codes are taking over timeless, cosmetic rules!!!

Do you notice a more particular change in makeup for this spring?

The « food » trend that has muscled its way into the beauty world over the past years is taking a more sophisticated turn this season. Used to the syrupy and regressive side of strawberry, milk chocolate etc. creams, we notice today a close link with gastronomy (molecular cuisine, haute cuisine). Textures and effects revolutionize makeup and beauty care.
You surprise senses and confound the consumer with skin foundations like whipped cream (the new hit Matmorphose by l’Oréal), with eye shadows in soft sticks and nails painted in glazed color.

Could you give us a little beauty tip?

To start spring, stay with sober colors and a perfect complexion. The nude principle implies not showing off a particular area of the face, since you’re seeking a sober, refined look. Furthermore, the latest fashion trend is to fade eyebrows, respecting this notion down to the last detail. But as the season progresses, we will want color and therefore twist our nude settings with frank color accents, like warm violet on the eyelids or orange-hued/vermillion lipstick, a huge success during the last fashion shows.

Florence Bonhomme, Beauty stylist / Maryelle Allemand, Marketing project head
- Carlin International

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