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4 ene. 2010
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Mudpie : Vintage Riviera – male & female – spring/summer 2010

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4 ene. 2010

“A return to old world values and ethics, the conscientious traveller embraces relaxation with Riviera style cruising, fantastical airships and classic train journeys. Design realizes an essence of calm sophistication and elegance. Traditional styles are revisited; simple luxury reflects a nautical touch. Vintage Riviera reclaims classic styling by creating bespoke alternatives.”

Fashion Interpretation:

Soothing tones of dove grey and sage are brightened with rich butterscotch and sunny yellow while tranquil cornflower blue conveys nautical inspirations. Simplicity is key for this understated look while kitsch detailing adds a contemporary twist. Fuelled by a desire to create, customization is integral to the trend. Quirky embellishment incorporates the flotsam and jetsam of the seaside. Sharp silhouettes feature hand crafted detailing and metallic sheens and the juxtaposition of textures are essential finishes. Concern for the environment strong, yet organic fabrics are still sumptuous with linen and raw silk.

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