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9 sept. 2009
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fashionpanorama.com - Samurai warrior theme

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9 sept. 2009

The SAMURAI WARRIOR theme combines bling bling details with a little hard rock look and a silhouette ready for combat.

The samurai warrior or the modern day fighter look… Details reprising the armor forms, a style that is between tattoos and neo-gothic, refined studs and colored outfits or with shades of black and white. Influences coming from hard rock, bling bling or soldiers’ uniforms. An urban look with masks and camouflage that enable an individual to transform itself into an asphalt hero.


The SAMURAI WARRIOR pallet offers shades of gray for a dark look and more clear
tattoos or graffiti colors (yellow, purple, blue, etc…). The colors clash and the whole is enhanced by a few touches of blood red. Finally, the color gold brings a touch of chic and bling bling to this rebellious look.


Satin effects, mat and shiny contrasts, blazing used and pierced cotton, over-bleached cotton, material with fake leather effects, armor inspired lacquered effects, reverse denim and rough denim, stonewashed and scratched denim, mixed cottons with a glossy look, used and scratched flannel and leather details.


War inspired graphics, Japanese prints, colored tattoos, skulls, combat scenes, war symbols with studs and strass, combat masks, furious tigers, studded patches and horror movie posters.

Courtesy Fashionpanorama.

More details about this pack here.

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