Christophe Josse - Haute Couture Spring / Summer 2013 fashion show (with itw)

Christophe Josse realizes a Haute Couture collection defined by simplicity in white, midnight blue and black tones. White porcelain and micro-flower embroideries are added to the purity of cotton organza. After the lightness,we discover the fluidity of the black satin skirt. The plays of panels give way to transparency. A certain purity emerges from this very successful collection, made up of only 16 models.

Interview :
Christophe Josse :
Something very clear, to relate to a nonchalant silhouette, unaffected, not corseted, something fluid, unaggressive, I hoped for no sentimentality but rather something easy.
The collection is very concise, there are 16 models so it is not the longest show but what is just a very concise collection, we must not go in all directions and perhaps through the chromatic scale, of pale golds, midnight blues, various stages of colour, we can hopefully tell a story that can captivate.

Music from the fashion show

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